Old and New

Apologies for the trumpet blowing, but needs must….! There is a rather nice review of The Idle Angler in the latest edition of Salmo Trutta, the annual journal of the Wild Trout Trust. Thank you very much to the reviewer! Also, this week sees the release of Issue 3 of Fallon’s angler – and itContinue reading “Old and New”

Final Day Fun!

There was a low turnout for the annual Golden Scale Club Final Day Fish-in this year – mainly because no-one knew about it. Of course, with the lack of competition, the fish fed well – and although the final day is principally an opportunity to empty the dregs from bait-tins and compare cakes, catches areContinue reading “Final Day Fun!”

That tricky second album…?

For some artists, the second album is the difficult one. The first was picked from years of back catalog thick with the pain of fret-blooded fingers and penciled scribbles. People like it, love it even. The record company want you to tour it to death but that deal you signed means that there’s no timeContinue reading “That tricky second album…?”