Old and New

Apologies for the trumpet blowing, but needs must….! There is a rather nice review of The Idle Angler in the latest edition of Salmo Trutta, the annual journal of the Wild Trout Trust. Thank you very much to the reviewer! Also, this week sees the release of Issue 3 of Fallon’s angler – and itContinue reading “Old and New”

Open Season?

At the end of the 19th Century a close season was introduced for coarse angling. With the majority of fish being caught and killed, it was determined that fishing be outlawed through the spring when the fish were most likely to spawn. The close season has always been contentious within angling circles as many believeContinue reading “Open Season?”

The Idle Angler nominated in National Angling Awards

Rather splendidly, The Idle Angler has been nominated as Book of the Year in the Angling Times National Angling Awards 2014. The results will be revealed in the Christmas edition of Angling Times due out on 16th December and votes can be cast by following this link…. http://www.gofishing.co.uk/Angling-Times/Section/News–Catches/Misc/Angling-Times-National-Angling-Awards-2014—cast-your-vote-now/  

Another Idle Angler review….

That contentment is found on every page, but there is much too that readers will find provocative and challenging. Parr explores depths rarely plumbed in angling writing, examining its philosophies and idiosyncrasies in a way that is hugely engaging. This is fishing – not necessarily as we know it, but as most of us wouldContinue reading “Another Idle Angler review….”

Idle Angler Review

A rather nice review of The Idle Angler has appeared in CountryFile magazine. Editor Fergus Collins writes that ‘there’s much to enjoy here‘ and suggests that ‘it’s a very gentle, eclectic plea for understanding through revealing some of the joys to be had from the pursuit of hidden quarry..’ The full review is here IdleContinue reading “Idle Angler Review”

Extract from The Idle Angler

  From Chapter Five – Lunchtime (Courtesy of Medlar Press) Sir John Whitaker Fairclough was a man I never met but whose fly-fishing tackle is now in my possession. Fairclough was a key developer of IBM’s System 360 computers in the 1960’s, machines that set industry standards in the era of mainframe computing. His reputationContinue reading “Extract from The Idle Angler”