Coming up for Air….

I couldn’t have picked a better summer to spend sitting on my backside staring at a screen. With a book deadline looming I knuckled down and have spent every day of the last six or seven weeks embroiled. It was worth it – I hope – and the manuscript for Rivers Run is now sittingContinue reading “Coming up for Air….”

Open Season?

At the end of the 19th Century a close season was introduced for coarse angling. With the majority of fish being caught and killed, it was determined that fishing be outlawed through the spring when the fish were most likely to spawn. The close season has always been contentious within angling circles as many believeContinue reading “Open Season?”

Waking Up…

Its been a slow start to spring. The weather has been reasonably settled but successive systems have channeled Arctic air from north, keepingĀ  temperatures down and many of our migrants south of the Channel. Normally by now we would be seeing a steady stream of swallows, chats and warblers arriving on the south coast, yetContinue reading “Waking Up…”

Countryfile magazine feature: Soaring Buzzards

From a population of just 5,000 pairs in the early ’60’s the buzzard is now our most common bird of prey, and has spread from isolated pockets of the west and north, right across the British Isles. Not everyone is happy though. Calls have been made for buzzards to be culled in order to preventContinue reading “Countryfile magazine feature: Soaring Buzzards”