Branching Out

I was pretty good at German at school. In fact, I managed an ‘A’ – but a quarter of a century later its almost all gone – save the bare bones, swear words and smut. So when the latest edition of Am HakenĀ  magazine turned up in the post (on my birthday in fact –Continue reading “Branching Out”

That tricky second album…?

For some artists, the second album is the difficult one. The first was picked from years of back catalog thick with the pain of fret-blooded fingers and penciled scribbles. People like it, love it even. The record company want you to tour it to death but that deal you signed means that there’s no timeContinue reading “That tricky second album…?”

The Idler Magazine: Conversation with Chris Yates

I have been the Angling Correspondent to The Idler magazine for ten years or so and though the current format of the magazine doesn’t much call for my input, Tom Hodgkinson won’t be able to keep it fish free forever….. I have been having a bit of a sort out and wanted to share myContinue reading “The Idler Magazine: Conversation with Chris Yates”

Countryfile magazine feature: Soaring Buzzards

From a population of just 5,000 pairs in the early ’60’s the buzzard is now our most common bird of prey, and has spread from isolated pockets of the west and north, right across the British Isles. Not everyone is happy though. Calls have been made for buzzards to be culled in order to preventContinue reading “Countryfile magazine feature: Soaring Buzzards”