That tricky second album…?

For some artists, the second album is the difficult one. FAcover2-213x300

The first was picked from years of back catalog thick with the pain of fret-blooded fingers and penciled scribbles. People like it, love it even. The record company want you to tour it to death but that deal you signed means that there’s no time to sleep.

You’re back in the studio in three months and you’ve got another album to write. From somewhere you need time, inspiration and inclination.

Few artists emerge with true credit from such a situation, and those that do (Radiohead spring to mind) have had the fortune or foresight to give the second coming the time it deserves.

So should the readers of Fallon’s Angler fear a dip in form as Issue number two hits the (virtual) shelves?
No. Not one bit. Garrett Fallon’s second offering is even better than the first. Some familiar names (Yates, Fort, Garnett) along with the addition of some heavyweights of angling literature (Berry, Petley) and fresh words from the likes of Alex Norgate who lives the sort of life we all wish we lived.

It’s very, very good, and yes, I’m biased – I squeeze in some words of my own and knew the crossword answers without even reading the clues – but the excitement of being involved in such a project is impossible to hide.

Garrett Fallon has only gone and released The Bends.

For a copy, go here and please be patient – demand has almost melted the server….

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