Rivers Run

contracts2It seems and age since I was last on the riverbank. Sufficient germs were shared at Christmas to keep me sniffling through January and my chest has an unhealthy rattle that is reluctant to leave.

This end of the season is normally my favourite time to cast, and though I might not have actually been fishing I have at least been spending plenty of time thinking about it.

A new project has developed from a chance conversation and generous consideration into something altogether alive. In the Spring of 2016, Rider books will be publishing Rivers RunAn Angler’s Journey, which means I have rather a lot of words to write.

Though the theme will be angling orientated, I hope to explore a little deeper beneath the surface. Explore how fishing takes us deep into the natural world and how life lessons can be learned through our interaction with water.

I shall post updates as and when they occur, but for now I need to nudge myself off the bank and begin a lazy drift downstream….

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