Year’s End

Well, at least it’s nearly year’s end and perhaps more symbolically, we have passed the Solstice and the days are beginning to ever so slightly stretch.

The winter has been slow to arrive but those sheltered spots have  remained frosty throughout these last few days and elsewhere in the country snow is laying.

Spring seems a long way off just now, but the first signs are already appearing. A lovely walk last week was capped by a pair of ravens in courtship. The croaks and click of beaks echoed around the hills as they dived and flipped their way over us.

I hope to see an adder within a month. I’ve yet to find one in January though I have met them late into December and in the early days of February. I’m sure there are snakes down on the coast that barely hibernate unless the winter is particularly harsh. Similarly, the south facing bank of a local disused railway cutting offers the chance of a January viper.


On the fishing front, I hope to target roach and grayling before the season end, and though perch numbers have diminished on my favoured winter venues I won’t be able to resist a cast or two.

Happy New Year to everyone – it looks like being a tough time for many of us but for as long as we can enjoy the more simple pleasures, all should be well.

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