Perfect Air

The first brush of autumn frost glistened beneath this morning’s sunrise. Nothing too hard, certainly not enough to drop any fruit from the hedgerows, but a glittery crunch that made me shiver as I peered out the window to a new day. It soon vanished as the Sun cleared the ridge to the south ofContinue reading “Perfect Air”

Parsley but no sage……yet.

  I cannot recall a more stunning display of cow parsley than the one we have enjoyed over these past few weeks. To be honest, it is a flower that I don’t usually pay the attention that it deserves. After the kaleidoscope that builds from snowdrops and ramsons through bluebells, buttercups and red campion, theContinue reading “Parsley but no sage……yet.”

Waking Up…

Its been a slow start to spring. The weather has been reasonably settled but successive systems have channeled Arctic air from north, keepingĀ  temperatures down and many of our migrants south of the Channel. Normally by now we would be seeing a steady stream of swallows, chats and warblers arriving on the south coast, yetContinue reading “Waking Up…”