Coiled Spring

The final day of the fishing season was exactly as it needed to be. Lots of fun, plenty of fish, some decent tea making and excellent cake. It wasn’t particularly warm, but the catkins on the willow beneath which I sat were breaking into colour and gave the day a distinctive spring edge. As IContinue reading “Coiled Spring”

Busy Busy

I like to reflect at the end of the fishing season, and enjoy a mildly indulgent reminisce. I don’t diary my catches and nor do I keep tallies of the fish I have taken, so it can be pleasantly surprising to look back and remind myself of some of the finer moments. This spring hasContinue reading “Busy Busy”

Final Day Fun!

There was a low turnout for the annual Golden Scale Club Final Day Fish-in this year – mainly because no-one knew about it. Of course, with the lack of competition, the fish fed well – and although the final day is principally an opportunity to empty the dregs from bait-tins and compare cakes, catches areContinue reading “Final Day Fun!”