Rivers Run

‘Kevin Parr knows how to fish, how to read a river and how to write. A book that flows like a river’ Chris Yates, author of Nightwalk

Like all the best nature writers, Kevin is a master of the landscape. He pulls at the edges of your understanding to reveal a hidden world and then weaves his reflections and insights together in this celebration of a life lived with the wild’ Dan Kieran, author of The Idle Traveller

“a moving treatise on the way we deal with the dark things that life throws at us” (BBC Countryfile Magazine)

Book Description

An angler’s journey around Britain’s rivers and waterways, showing how nature reflects the themes in all our lives.

Rivers Run is a love letter to Britain’s rivers and waterways by well-known angler and naturalist Kevin Parr. On a journey around his favourite watery hideaways the author shares the thoughts and insights that bubble up while sitting peacefully by the riverside, watching the world go by and waiting for the fish to bite.

Each river that he visits has played a central part in his own development as both an angler and a person, and reflects the ways in which landscape, wildlife and plants mirror the themes that flow through all our lives. Rivers Run is a delightful yet profound philosophical and poetic examination of water, of the fish that live within it, the nature that surrounds it and how human life is intrinsically linked to its flow.

Long-listed for Richard Jeffries Award for Nature Writing.

Rivers Run is available from Amazon here.

The Idle Angler

‘Parr explores depths rarely plumbed in angling writing, examining its philosophies and idiosyncrasies in a way that is hugely engaging. This is fishing – not necessarily as we know it, but as most of us would want it to be. The Idle Angler offers a uniquely entertaining and articulate manifesto that can only bring joy.’ Jon Berry, Caught by the River

Why do people become obsessed with coarse fishing? This book is an attempt to explain – and largely succeeds . . . There are skills to be imbued – how to read the water and other wildlife; the thrill of the hunt; the sense of escape from everyday worries; and deep companionship with angling friends and the natural world. There’s much to enjoy here . . ..‘ – Fergus Collins, BBC Countryfile Magazine

Kevin Parr is a fishing buddy of Chris Yates, one of my favourite fishing authors, and without wishing to make churlish comparisons, this book is very much from the same philosophy – that the journey is more important than the destination – and it is very enjoyable as a result. With 12 chapters loosely based on the structure of a day’s angling, the book teases out the essence of why angling is so enjoyable, drawing on personal experience and literature past and present.‘ – Salmo Trutta

‘Anyone who wants a witty, thought-provoking read about why exactly we go fishing would do well to read this book. In a thoroughly engaging style, Kevin writes from personal experiences, covering everything from local ponds and canals to American bass. One for the bedside table.’ – Angling Times

Nominated for Book of the Year in the Angling Times backed National Angling Awards 2014.

The Idle Angler is available from Medlar Press here.

The Twitch

It has pace and humour and suspense and twists….I’m very glad that I bought The Twitch – it’s a fun book.’Mark AveryCampaigner, blogger and Author of Inglorious and A Message from Martha

‘In his darkly comic tale, Kevin Parr blends the world of competitive bird spotting with a spree of Kind Hearts and Coronets style serial killing.’Dorset Life

The Twitch is available from Amazon here.


  1. Rob Burt says:

    Congratulations on writing this wonderful book………..I started reading it on June 16th at first light on thebank of the River Beult in Kent and couldn’t put it down! The tench fishing suffered a little, but who cares, I felt refreshed and enlightened……….

    1. kevinparr says:

      Thank you Rob.
      I didn’t make it to the lake until after lunchtime yesterday and subsequently had a lazy, dreamy afternoon – just two of us with a three acre pool to ourselves….

      First fish of the season was a 3.8 tench which couldn’t have been more perfect. Lots of tea, a hobby hunting and having packed up when the float began to smudge I checked my phone and found your comment. I have to say it couldn’t have put the icing on my opening day any better. Thank you very, very much.

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