Old and New

salmo trutta reviewApologies for the trumpet blowing, but needs must….!

There is a rather nice review of The Idle Angler in the latest edition of Salmo Trutta, the annual journal of the Wild Trout Trust.

Thank you very much to the reviewer!

Also, this week sees the release of Issue 3 of Fallon’s angler – and it looks to be a corker.

A flick through the pages has revealed some truly beautiful photography, and though I won’t read it just yet (I need to focus my attention on the writing of Rivers Run), I will no doubt dip in and out until I have the chance to give it some serious attention…

For anyone interested, The Idle Angler is available here.

While Fallon’s angler is available here.


In just under a fortnight the new fishing season will be upon us. Where has spring gone? And with the gale force winds battering the windows I ask again – where has Spring gone?

If the forecast is correct, we will jump straight in summer before the 16th arrives. I just need to work out where to fish now….


  1. Read ‘The Twitch’ while idling away a few moments between photographing insects in Cyprus. Rather enjoyed it. Glad to see you are writing chap. Will check out ‘The Idle Angler’ when I get a minute.

    1. Kevin Parr says:

      Thank you – The Idle Angler has a slightly different tone to The Twitch – as I’m sure you might guess! Hope you are keeping well.

      1. Yes, more in the tradition of ‘Casting at the Sun’ I’d guess if you can forgive the comparison and with a little less sex and murder than ‘The Twitch’. Although, under the water’s surface there’s plenty of that when I last looked.

      2. Kevin Parr says:

        If it is a tenth as good as Casting at The Sun I would be very, very happy….!

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