Rivers Run

So as we await the final proofs, the cover for my next book, Rivers Run, has been put together and I think it looks pretty good.

Rivers Run CoverIt is never easy to cast a critical eye on something with your own name on it, and this is intensified when I’ve spent so much time picking through the text.

Hopefully, though, when the book comes out next May, I will be able to read the words with clearer sight and perhaps even enjoy it.

It has been fascinating to write, and has actually given me a sense of perspective that I hadn’t previously considered. I have followed my own footsteps in the narrative, some of which were made more than 35 years ago, and accepting change, rather than lamenting it, has been seriously liberating.

The book is out in May and the details are below – it is available to pre-order from Amazon and all the usual places.

  • Hardcover: 224 pages
  • Publisher: Rider (5 May 2016)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 184604491X
  • ISBN-13: 978-1846044915

On another note……normally at this time of year I would be marveling at my mastery of mushroom detection – and the cupboard (the mushrooms normally have their own cupboard) would be solid with jars full of goodies.

This autumn however, has been utterly odd on the fungi front. It began with a boom in the August deluges, but then the rain stopped and for 40 days we barely had a drop.

On my last proper foray, I scratched around for a few bits and pieces but nothing worthy of a photo – so instead I shall leave you with these chaps – fly agarics – looking rather handsome even if they were a little bit lonely out there…..

fly agarics


  1. Looking forward to reading the book. Lovely cover by the way. Nice photo of the Agaric too. I don’t know that much about fungi but perhaps that will change next year.

    1. Kevin Parr says:

      Thank you.
      Perhaps there may be a chance for a foray next autumn….?

  2. Well done, I’m sure it will be another cracker. Is this a metaphorical river or a particular journey? BTW I have some wonky tench images for you!

    1. Kevin Parr says:

      Its something of a metaphorical journey incorporating particular rivers…. Thank you though – I hope it reads well…..and do send me the wonky tench snaps – did I give you my email address?

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