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I’ve just finished going through the proofs for Rivers Run – and it is looking pretty darn good. Rider have made a lovely job of it – the RRprooftypeset seems to work well and the layout is uncomplicated and contemporary.

All being well, I won’t be looking at the text again until I have a copy of the book in my hands.

Hopefully, I will approve…

…be a bit too late if I don’t.



Fallon’s angler FA5goes from strength to strength, and all credit to Garrett, Nick and the rest of the cast for putting so much work in.

Each issue seems to be picking up more and more readers and as word spreads, so the momentum builds. As well as being a vehicle to showcase some of the finest names in angling writing – Yates, Garnett, Berry, Petley, Rangeley-Wilson, et al – Fallon’s angler is always looking for fresh writing from what is an enormous pool of talent.

There are a multitude of bloggers and diarists out there writing quite brilliantly in their own style and it is great to see these names popping up either on in the magazine or on the blog.

Speaking of the blog, I wrote a Christmas themed piece which went out at, er, Christmas – but for anyone who missed it the link is here.

And Fallon’s angler Issue 5 (with that stunning grayling on the cover) is out now – and can be found in an increasing number of high street shops or direct from here.

Happy New Year!

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