It’s been a peculiar 10 days or so. Having become conditioned over the past fifteen years or so to a life online, a cow with an interesting appetite has thrown our routine into a vague chaos.

A fallen tree had brought down the telephone cables a mile or so down the valley, breaking a telegraph pole in the process and leaving the wires grounded. It hadn’t affected us much though – the phone still crackled and the broadband limped much the same as usual.

Then came problems.

A Fresian decided to have an investigative gnaw and subsequently developed a taste for fibre-optics. An intermittent issue became sustained. For ten days we have been completely cut off – no social media, no scrabble turns, no instant access. Work has been tricky, and writing has been odd – I hadn’t realised the extent on which I am dependant on search engines to check facts and cross reference.

And its been rather nice. I’ve dusted off books rather than rely on Google, and Sue and I have talked and sat and watched and absorbed. We see plenty through our French windows but when we take the time there is so much going on. And with blackbirds and blackcaps adding a delightfully flutey accompaniment, we have been utterly content.

Today though, the light flicked green and we’re back in the cyber world, and I’ve realised that with Spring in full swing I have yet to tie up the loose lines of my fishing season.

It ended spectacularly, with my final fish of the season being my biggest perch ever. And to save time and stop me repeating myself, the full story is here.

And while I am lazily directing you elsewhere, I must add a link to ‘Green and Gold’ – a film I made with the Fallon’s angler gentlemen. Nick worked his magic once more to capture my return to The Old Mill on the River Kennet, where I hoped to find a 2lb perch….. Please have a look – and do subscribe if you enjoy it. There are a couple of very exciting projects coming up.

The film can be seen here.


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