Trumpet Blowing

A month has passed since publication day and its very much a case of so far, so good for Rivers Run.

Sales have been solid, book shops have been ever so generous with their product placement (testament to the design team at Rider) and, most importantly, people seem to be enjoying it.

Aside from the direct comments have been some very lovely reviews, and though very few of us are particularly comfortable at self congratulation, it would be daft of me not to plug myself a little bit at least. After all, I cannot pretend that sales don’t matter…

Tom Fort humbled me wonderfully in Gamefisher, writing;

Parr’s tone is gentle, often elegiac, his style consciously literary. I’ve never met him but I like his company, which is a crucial test of a fishing writer.

I’m slightly ashamed to say I had to look up the term ‘elegiac’ – and what a lovely compliment it is too.

Danny Adcock wrote a belting review for Caught by the River. I won’t repeat it here, but it is worth a read just to appreciate Danny’s way with words. Find it here.

Conservationist, campaigner, author, but non-fisherman Mark Avery was also very generous in his praise – particularly satisfying because one of the aims of the book was to appeal to people outside of the angling fraternity. His review is here.

And Fergus Collins, Editor of BBC CountryFile magazine, enjoyed the book so much that he made it ‘Book of the Month’ for May – and there was some serious competition.

Rivers Run countryfile review 1 May 2016.jpg


It isn’t me in the accompanying picture incidentally – but is, appropriately, one of my very best friends….

Coming up in the next month or two will be a book signing at The BookShop on South Street in Bridport on Saturday 23rd July, and then a live appearance at Camp Bestival on Friday 29th July – where I will be discussing How Read a River….


And after this blatant trumpet blowing, I can get back to important things like grass snakes, and nightjars and fishing….


  1. Wishing you and the book every success.

  2. TravelDevoted says:

    Glad I found your blog. I love the outdoors and fishing. Haven’t done too much fishing over here in Taiwan, but I’m hoping to make it out one of these days. I haven’t seen too many people fish, except on the coastline.

    1. Kevin Parr says:

      Thank you – I hope you enjoy it!

      I imagine that the only people fishing in Taiwan are doing it to put food on the table. There could be a huge untapped angling paradise waiting for you to explore….! Good luck.

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