More Tench….

MA tenchTime has not been my friend so far this season. After Opening Day I have only been able to squeeze one evening’s fishing in – and I had to return to the same lake.

It was brighter and warmer and I headed straight for the swim where I caught previously. The weed had thickened and blanketed the spot where I had last sat my float. I could fish closer in, but it was less than 2 feet deep and the fish would be easily spooked.

Within half an hour the first few bubbles appeared. The float dipped but the fish (it felt like a bream) threw the hook.

Chris arrived – Merv would be joining us – and again bubbles began to fizz. I was using a tiny quill to minimize the disturbance, and before long it lifted a fraction and then dived to the right. Tench on! It was a great fight in the shallow water and a lovely male of around 3 lb came into the net.

We drank tea and Chris produced a whopping slab of lemon drizzle cake which required a second cup – but in no time the sun was slipping behind the trees. Merv had only made one cast and Chris was yet to catch.

I returned to the hotspot and soon had more interest, but a shoal of roach were causing frustration. With the sky darkening I struck into another tench – almost a replica of the first – and within moments Chris was celebrating a tench of his own.

The moon rose, Jupiter and Venus danced a slow waltz in the southern sky, and all was well.

MA moon

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