Countryfile Magazine article: In defence of Angling

CCF10112014_00001Anglers are misunderstood creatures. Rather than curmudgeonly misfits, we are proud custodians of our waterways, says Kevin Parr

As in every walk of life, there are a handful of anglers who give the pastime a bad name.

But for every litterer or poacher there are dozens of like minded souls who regard the  environment in which they fish as deeply as they covet the capture of the fish themselves.

Anglers are in a unique position from which to spot problems within the water. Whether we fish still, running or salt water as we become more experienced so we become ever more familiar. We know what fish we should be catching and the conditions required for our quarry to thrive.

As a result, we notice lack of weed growth or a small hatch of mayfly, and if the circumstances seem desperate then we are quick to shout.

For an angler the catching of fish is often secondary to the pleasure gained from being beside the water – where we feel truly our selves. Fishing is ingrained – almost a need – and a rod and line gives us connection.

BBC CountryFile Magazine have this month given me a platform to blow the angling trumpet – do have a read and take a peek at Tracey Tucker’s stunning illustration.

Buy it here.

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