24th April 2013

And the grass snakes have finally emerged, too!Exif_JPEG_PICTURE

They are cold at this time of year and docile as a result. Grass snakes are not found much further north than Hadrian’s Wall and after the cold of the past winter and early spring they have hibernated a full month longer here than last year.


Normally they release a foul-stenching musk (from their anal vent) when threatened, but this chap just hissed a couple of times. He was loving the warmth of my skin – flattening himself against it and warming up noticably in the time I held him.

It took a few snaps to catch him with his tongue out…..


I popped him back to the place I found him and another, smaller snake had nicked his basking spot.

I will try to resist picking them up again – but will make a grab for the big resident female if I get a chance. She is a good sized snake and I would love to measure her…..

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