19th April 2013
A perfect day for adders with a northerly wind keeping the air temperature in check but warm intermittent sunshine keeping the snakes out basking.

I popped to my local patch for a quick poke about and found this male in his usual spot.


I have seen a juvenile adder near to this spot a couple of times this spring, but stumbled upon a mature female instead. She was so well hidden I nearly missed her and was confident enough to stay in position with my face around 18 inches from her own.


A quick stroll to another hotspot saw me find three different females within around thirty yards of one another. The undergrowth was playing havoc with the focus on my camera (it’s 12 years old and I have never read the instructions….) – which was a shame because this could have been an amazing shot…


Five adders in an hour (with a slowworm and a couple of common lizards to boot) is nothing to be sniffed at and represents a new PB – hurrah!

Still waiting for the grassies to show themselves though…..

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