The Moon of Smoke

This morning was keen not to wake. Not fully. The ground was frosted and a cold fog hung beneath the still. Dawn crept quiet, a reluctant trudge from black into grey – and there to wait a while. I climbed into the clear of Eggardon and all around me the hills and rolls stood likeContinue reading “The Moon of Smoke”

Curled up

  January. A thick head and heavy limbs. Uncomfortably numb. Comfort comes in sleep. A gentle drift into dreams. They aren’t always pleasant, and many are bizarre and untouchable, but my subconscious is kinder to me now than my conscious. No guilt for not doing, for spending too long in bed. For not being gratefulContinue reading “Curled up”


  Such is the power of the current Brexit storm, that any issue unconnected (and many things connected) is swept out of thought almost as soon as it comes to mind. And having turned the most complex of sociological and economic issues into a straightforward question of ‘Yes or No’, it seems that every pointContinue reading “Bloodlines”