The last tench of Summer

I played Santa last Christmas. At least, I played a very small part of being Santa. My mother had filled a sack with presents and set up the moment – all I had to do was slip out and ‘deliver’ it without any of my nephews or nieces suspecting anything.

As it was, I didn’t cover my tracks very well – certainly not well enough for the minds of under tens. And when quizzed as to exactly why I had disappeared at the very moment that Father Christmas was ringing the doorbell, I crumbled like a seasoned supergrass.

So I’ve come to accept that my acting career is unlikely to make it beyond a late night poker face at Kieran’s stag do, and I am okay with that. I can manage a certain level of ‘character’ acting, just so long as that character is me. Doing something I would normally do. Which is just as well.

Joining Garrett and Nick for a couple of days on the Sussex levels was joyous. We laughed a lot, drank a lot, and Nick and Garrett worked a lot. I got to sit on the banks of the Wallers Haven in order to catch a tench, while rambling on about the world around me.

The result is something I am very humbled to be part of.

Please take a look at the film here. It’s not too long, but hopefully it catches the essence of what angling is truly about. And should you like it, do have a look at the other films and subscribe to the Fallon’s angler channel. There will be more films to come – hopefully one to support each new issue of the magazine.

DMMkx0eX4AAJ7VD.jpg large
Photo courtesy of Nick Fallowfield-Cooper and Fallon’s angler.



  1. Procter, Garry says:

    Hi Kev,

    That was lovely – well done to all involved.




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