The autumn equinox is still a fortnight away and yet everything seems to be where it should. The mornings are late, dew laden and chilly but by lunchtime the insects are buzzing with the vigour of summer. Chiffchaffs and willow warblers are passing through but clearing their throats as they do and in a lightContinue reading “Bales”


There are so many butterflies on the wing this summer. My lunchtime walks have seen dozens dancing away from every footstep. I have sharpened up my identification skills – relatively at least – and also tried my hand at a few photographs….it’s not easy without a viewfinder and the detail is lacking a little, butContinue reading “Butterflies….”

Early season snakes

So mild has this winter been that I worry for many of our hibernating fauna. The temperature may not have been cold enough for long enough to properly let the hibernators go into limbo and yet they would not have found the food to sustain their metabolism. The snakes have been showing for some weeks.Continue reading “Early season snakes”