The Idler Magazine: Conversation with Chris Yates

I have been the Angling Correspondent to The Idler magazine for ten years or so and though the current format of the magazine doesn’t much call for my input, Tom Hodgkinson won’t be able to keep it fish free forever….. I have been having a bit of a sort out and wanted to share myContinue reading “The Idler Magazine: Conversation with Chris Yates”

Countryfile Magazine article: In defence of Angling

Anglers are misunderstood creatures. Rather than curmudgeonly misfits, we are proud custodians of our waterways, says Kevin Parr As in every walk of life, there are a handful of anglers who give the pastime a bad name. But for every litterer or poacher there are dozens of like minded souls who regard theĀ  environment inContinue reading “Countryfile Magazine article: In defence of Angling”